About Us


There is an over-abundance of courses and videos online that teach how to start a successful online business. But there is a problem with most of them in 4 major areas: 

  1. They are typically very confusing with no easy and standard way of teaching you only what you need to know. They usually consist of a lot of fluff and enticing you to buy by adding so many bonuses that bring no significant value.
  2. The information is typically very outdated and therefore no longer work.
  3. They are very expensive and unjustifiably so. In most cases the courses start out cheap, but only give partial information and you wind up still paying a lot of money with their upsells. 
  4. They start right away selling their high priced courses at 997.00 to 2,000.00 but use celebrity like endorsements of internet marketing gurus or stars to entice you to buy while using false scarcity to get you to buy now or you will lose the opportunity forever. If you buy and are not successful they then try to sell private coaching for another $3,000.00 to $5,000.00!

Our approach to teaching marketing is very different. We teach specific skillsets that can be used now and well into the future. Our courses were created by vetted industry experts that have already made millions of dollars in online marketing and are committed to providing instruction that almost everyone can afford; even during the pandemic! All at such an affordable price that is equivalent in most cases to 3 of McDonald’s combo meals! That’s less than $30.00!

Imagine high level, accurate, and current courses on starting your own online business for less than $30.00 each! With no high pressured upsells. As well as free updates for a year! What you learn is what you need to know to make a living in short order. No fluff!


the who

Who are we? 

We are a group of marketing professionals each with an average of 12 years of experience and have helped many small businesses significantly increase their online presence. 

We have provided online marketing services for local businesses, restaurants, schools for adult education, online businesses, travel agencies, and more. 

Our people are Google and Facebook certified with a clear understanding of how to use these platforms and other platforms to help businesses and entrepreneurs create, maintain, and grow their business online.  

What we are most proud of is a course we’ve created that teaches college students how to create a successful online business to pay their college tuition while still in school!  It was very well received by college students all over Facebook in the USA and beyond. 

Although we are successful, we did not start out this way. 

We came in the online marketing industry when it was the wild, wild west. No laws, no rules, no standard of conduct, no conscience!

We started out buying every course and every shiny new marketing tool promoted.

We’ve been duped by so many fake claims and by people paid for their testimonials.  A very few courses were legit, but their learning curve were very steep, customer support was little to none, and still very expensive.

Often times we bought a course thinking we had everything needed for success only to find out there was always that one more thing needed at an additional cost. We spent thousands of dollars and for a time with no return on our investments.

Eventually, we realized that we needed to stick to the basics of internet marketing and build on that. That took doing all the necessary and sometimes tedious work that would bring us as close to predictable results as possible.   And we succeeded!


the why?

Why should you do business with us?

We now know and have known for years what really works! As mentioned earlier, we have helped many businesses such as restaurants, schools for adult education, online businesses, travel agencies, and more become more successful due to creating a greater online presence for them. 

With many years of experience with Google, Yahoo, and Bing we know how the search engines work and what to do to help a business be easily found when potential customers are searching online for a product or service. 

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve created a very popular course that teaches college students how to start a successful online business to pay for their tuition while still in school. This course contains over 40 instructional videos with transcripts and sell for pennies on the dollar to help financially struggling college students. 

College students have been struggling for years financially but now during the covid-19 pandemic large populations of people are also suffering because of the bad effect the pandemic has had on the economy. 

But those who have an online business has seen significant growth!  

Right now is the time to learn how to start and grow an online business.  According to Forbes, the e-learning industry is a multi-billion dollar industry projecting to grow to 350 Billion by 2025! Since building a successful online business is part of this major industry, your potential for success is endless!

Unfortunately, there are two major problems to getting a piece of this 350 billion dollar revenue. 

First, most of the courses that teach how to get a part of this revenue are static. This means they are not regularly updated or not updated at all. This also means that most courses are outdated, not providing current and accurate information.

Second, they are still too expensive for most people to afford. 

Until now!

We want to help as many people as possible to create a successful online business at the lowest cost in our industry. And doing this while providing the most instructional and comprehensive courses by expanding on the successful course we’ve created for college students.

Our success is built on serving the greatest number of people with high-level instruction at very little cost!

Most of our competitors structure their business the other way around. They make a lot of money on the few people who are willing and able to buy their high ticked courses of $997.00 to $2,000.00. This does not include their high-ticket coaching consultations. 

And for those unable to buy, many have been coerced to go into heavy credit card debt to buy their courses. We will not criticize this business model because very few have courses that are worth their price. But we just can’t do this way in view of current affairs in the economy!

We know what it’s like to struggle and still maintain an entrepreneurial spirit. This is the community we want to serve and help not just to survive but to really thrive!

Please check out our must see first video and then our different courses.

We are constantly updating our courses and adding new training that is relevant to our industry. 

We thank you for time and look forward to working with you!

From the staff of Apprise Business Solutions LLC